South African Services

Offshore Launches, Courier and Marine Security.

Offshore Launches

Bosss Marine has a fleet off-shore launches currently operating in Durban and Richards Bay, with more coming soon.  We specialize in the collection of crew and supplies from the airport, clearing emigration and customs and delivering safely on board, all while simultaneously carrying out safety inspections. Our Launches each carry 9 passengers and a 5-ton load at 15-25 knots and are authorised to transport the following:

• Supplies
• Crew Transfers
• Safety Services
• Security Guard Transfers
• Armed Guards and Weaponry

Bosss Courier

The Bosss courier division has been delivering impeccable and reliable service to the Marine and Allied Industries for over 15 years. All of our drivers are licensed, fully insured and have undergone training for safe driving and emergency preparedness.

All vehicles and drivers are guided by our control room 24 hours a day and continuously liaise with clients to update on job progress. Each step of our operation is carefully scripted into procedures to which our drivers are coached in order to provide a seamless and safe courier service.

Marine Security

Bosss Marine not only offers the full range of security measures on or near a ship, but also a range of other ancillary services which include Gangway and Port Security services across the Continent. All of our Shipping Security Officers are 100 percent in compliance with the ISPS code in accordance with Maritime Security working group Act A. 924 (22).

We Offer:
• Industrial Security
• Marine Security
• Fire Services
• OHS Services
• Technical assistance