Life Boats

Multi-manufacturer approved | Extensively accredited and equipped.

Life Boat Service and Repair

BOSSS Marine Services is the first muti-manufacturer approved lifeboat and davit service in Africa. We are extensively equipped and accredited for the servicing and repair of lifeboats for over 50 major manufacturers in various African Ports.

BOSSS Marine Services understands the cost of time in port and consequently fields technicians who are skilled in a range of services rather than single purpose operators. Our services are approved by SAMSA as well as all major classification and regulatory societies in accordance with MSC.1206.

Manufacturer Approvals

•  Badahi
•  Dae Ryuck Machinery
•  Davit Intl.
•  DongNam Marine Crane
•  DongWoo
•  Fassmer GmbH
•  Fassmer Marland
•  Fujikura
•  Global Davit
•  Harding
•  Hatecke
•  Hoei Senpaku
•  Maritime Partner
•  Hyundai

•  Jiangsu
•  Jiaoyan Marine
•  Kambara Ringyo Co
•  Kang Nam
•  Mansei
•  Miura Machine
•  Nishi-F
•  Oriental Precision
•  Palfinger
•  Sanyo Works Co
•  Sekigahara
•  Shigi