Marine Fire Safety Solutions

Marine Fire and Breathing Apparatus Servicing.

High-Quality Marine Fire Safety Equipment

BOSSS Marine offers a wide range of high-quality marine fire safety equipment to both national and international clientele. We understand that the cost of equipment is a concern, but the cost of delays and non-functioning equipment is significantly higher. Safety is paramount in the marine industry, and sub-standard or unsuitable equipment can lead to rejections during vetting inspections by clients and class societies. That’s why we prioritize selecting reputable suppliers with reliable supply lines and negotiate pricing to offer our clients high-quality equipment at reasonable prices. We believe in providing equipment that is accepted by the maritime industry and a dedicated team to service the needs of our clients.

Comprehensive Marine Fire Safety Services

Fire Extinguishers

Our extensive selection of fire extinguishers includes various types, such as CO2, dry chemical powder and wet chemical (foam) fire extinguishers. We provide sales, servicing, refills, and inspections to ensure your fire extinguishers are always ready for action.

Fire Suppression Systems

Not only that, but at Bosss Marine, we specialize in the installation, maintenance, and inspection of fire suppression systems. Whether you need a fixed wet chemical system, or CO2 system, our expert technicians will ensure these systems are functioning optimally to protect your vessel.

Marine Fire Fighting Equipment

Our range of marine-specific fire-fighting equipment includes fire hoses, hose couplings, branch pipes, and hose cabinets. We provide high-quality equipment designed to combat fires effectively at sea.

Fireman Outfits, Fire Blankets, and Fire Axes

We also supply high-quality fireman outfits, fire blankets, fireman outfits and fire axes, ensuring that your fire teams and safety personnel are well-equipped for emergency situations.

Foam Compound and Fire Fighting Foam

In addition to this, our foam compound and fire-fighting foam solutions are formulated to meet the unique challenges of marine fire suppression. We offer foam sample analysis to ensure the quality and effectiveness of these vital products.

Pyrotechnics and CO2 Systems

As part of our comprehensive offerings, we provide pyrotechnics, offering additional emergency safety measures for your vessel.

Air Quality Testing

We also conduct thorough air quality testing to ensure a safe and healthy environment for crew members and passengers. Our testing helps identify potential risks or hazards that could compromise air quality.

Unparalleled Marine Fire Safety Solutions

With SABS and IACS (Class) approved Fire Service, we are committed to providing unparalleled services to vessel owners and operators. Our SAQCC-qualified fire technicians possess extensive experience in the Maritime industry, ensuring the highest standards of expertise.