Offshore Launch and Courier Services

South African Launch Services available in Durban, Cape Town and Richards Bay.

Bosss Marine Offshore Launch and Courier Services – Reliable Delivery and Transport

Experience efficient and reliable offshore launch and courier services with Bosss Marine. We are leading industry experts and our advanced technology is built to handle the unique challenges of offshore hydraulic launch operations, such as rough sea conditions and limited dock or port access.

Bosss Marine team prepares for ship offshore launch and courier deployment

We specialize in crew transport and the collection of provisions and supplies, guaranteeing safe delivery onboard whilst being able to conduct thorough safety inspections at anchorage. Our fleet of five launches can comfortably accommodate 9 passengers and carry up to 5 tons whilst cruising at speeds of 15 to 25 knots.

Bosss Marine Port Security on dock preparing for offshore launch and courier

For over 20 years, Bosss Courier Services has been providing impeccable and secure transport services to the Maritime and Allied Industries in Durban, Cape Town and Richards Bay. Our Professional licensed and fully insured drivers undergo extensive safety and emergency training.

Industry Leaders in Marine Security 

Offshore Launches and Courier

From equipment and provisions to spare parts and tools, our offshore launches and courier services are fully equipped to handle the secure and timely delivery of essential items to vessels and offshore installations.

Crew Transfers - Maximizing Efficiency and Continuity

Maintaining operational continuity and efficient crew rotation with our seamless crew transfer solutions. Whether it’s between vessels, offshore installations, or onshore locations, our vehicles and vessels provide a safe and comfortable environment for crew members, prioritizing their well-being and optimizing operational efficiency.

Armed Guards and Weaponry - Safety with Precision

In situations demanding heightened security measures, Bosss Marine is authorized to transport armed guards and associated weaponry. We guarantee the safe and compliant transportation of armed guards, ensuring the delicate nature of such operations is upheld.

Maritime Security - Comprehensive Solutions

Bosss Marine provides a range of ancillary services, including Gangway and Port Security services in Durban, Richards Bay and Cape Town. Our fully compliant shipping security officers ensure adherence to the ISPS code and Maritime Security Working Group Act A. 924 (22). Trust us for industrial security, marine security, fire safety, OHS services (Occupational Health and Safety), and technical assistance.

Operational Excellence with Meticulous Procedures

Our control room operates around the clock, guiding our vehicles and drivers whilst ensuring constant communication with clients. Count on us for timely updates on job progress. With meticulously scripted procedures and driver coaching, our courier service guarantees the safe and efficient delivery of your staff.

Count on Bosss Marine for a expert marine courier, security and offshore launch services. From supplies and crew transfers, we provide efficient and secure transportation tailored to your specific requirements. Trust us to meet your crew and goods transport  needs in South Africa.


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