Hydrotesting for Reliable

Equipment Safety

Annual Servicing, Testing, Calibration, and Repairs

Your Safety is our Top Priority.

At BOSSS Marine, your safety is our top priority. We specialize in hydrotesting, offering annual servicing, testing, calibration, and repairs to ensure the reliability and safety of your high-pressure equipment. Using state-of-the-art hydrotesting equipment, we thoroughly assess the pressure, quality, strength, and damage of essential items such as breathing apparatus, diving cylinders, respirators, immersion suits, and personal fire protection gear.

 Annual testing is vital to ensure the ongoing safety and reliability of your equipment. Regular hydrotesting, servicing, calibration, and repairs help identify potential issues, prevent failures, and extend the lifespan of your high-pressure equipment.

Authorized Agents for Leading Manufacturer

As authorized agents for top international manufacturers including Scott Safety, Honeywell, Fenzy, SRI, Coltraco, DX Marine, and Drager, we have access to the latest technologies and expertise. Our extensive experience enables us to provide sales and servicing for all major leading brands, ensuring that you have access to the highest quality equipment and services.

Inspection of Transportable and Refillable Gas Containers

BOSSS Marine is certified to conduct thorough inspections of transportable and refillable gas containers. Our expertise covers a wide range of containers, including refillable seamless steel gas containers, seamless aluminium-alloy cylinders, and composite cylinders with a water capacity of up to 450L. Our inspections adhere to industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of these containers.

Hydraulic Fittings and Hose Supply and Manufacturing

In addition to hydrotesting, we specialize in hydraulic fittings and hoses, offering installation, maintenance, and repairs for hydraulic systems. Whether you require hydraulic fittings or need assistance with hydraulic pipe installations, our experienced team is ready to meet your needs. We take pride in delivering high-quality services and products that ensure the efficiency and safety of your hydraulic systems. 

Water Pressure Pumps and Calibration

For accurate pressure testing, we utilise top-of-the-line water pressure pumps and calibration equipment. Our skilled technicians ensure precise calibration, allowing for reliable and consistent results. We understand the importance of maintaining accurate pressure measurements for the safety and performance of your equipment.

Trust BOSSS Marine Services for all your hydrotesting and hydraulic system needs. Inquire today and find out how we can support your equipment testing, servicing, and maintenance requirements.