Lifeboats and Davits: Service and Repair

Trusted and Accredited Lifeboat and Davit Services in Africa

BOSSS Marine Services: Your Top Choice for Lifeboat and Davit Solutions

At BOSSS Marine, are proud to be Africa’s first multi-manufacturer approved provider of lifeboats and davits. With our extensive equipment and accreditation, we excel at servicing and repairing lifeboats and davits from over 50 major manufacturers across various African ports. Moreover, our lifeboat services have received extensive accreditation, ensuring that you receive trusted and accredited solutions to prioritize your vessel’s safety.

Efficient and Skilled Technicians And Quick Turnaround

Our team of technicians possesses a diverse skill set that enables them to efficiently provide a wide range of lifeboat and davit services. Quick turnaround times optimize your time in port and ensure smooth operations for your vessel. We understand time is valuable in port operations. 

Davit Services: Ensuring Reliable Equipment for Emergency Situation

Furthermore, our comprehensive davit services ensure that these crucial mechanisms are in optimal condition and ready to perform when needed. Our skilled service engineers are trained to service and repair davits from various manufacturers, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Entrust your davit maintenance to us and you can have confidence in the reliability and functionality of your life-saving equipment.

Approved by Industry Leaders for Unmatched Reliability

BOSSS Marine Services is Africa’s first multi-manufacturer approved lifeboat and davit service provider. Equipped with facilities across the continent, we are accredited for the servicing and repair of lifeboats from over 50 major manufacturers in various African ports. Our skilled technicians offer a range of services to best utilize time in port, ensuring efficient and reliable maintenance. Our services are approved by SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority), NIMASA (Nigerian Maritime Safety Authority) , Ghana Flag Authority and major classification and regulatory societies, aligning with MSC.1206 guidelines.

Red life boat secured on side of ship

Lifeboats and Davits: BOSSS Marine Safety Compliance:


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Davit Intl.

DongNam Marine Crane


Fassmer GmbH

Fassmer Marland

Global Davit



Hoei Senpaku

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Oriental Precision


Sanyo Works Co.



Choose BOSSS Marine services for all your lifeboat and davit service and repair requirements. Contact us today to experience solutions that are reliable, efficient, and accredited.