Life Rafts Servicing, Sales and Repairs

Certified and Accredited Service Stations for Life Rafts Across Africa

 Bosss Marine specializes in life raft servicing, repairs, and sales. Our certified life raft service stations hold approvals from local and international accredited sources. Similarly, our life rafts meet all regulatory (SOLAS) requirements and are maintained in optimal condition. 

 Life Raft Servicing – Highly Trained Marine Engineers and Experts

Our team of highly trained engineers are up-to-date with industry standards. This knowledgeable team ensures that your life rafts are in excellent condition, meeting the highest industry standards from annual servicing, certification, to repairs.

Reliable and Efficient Services

Additionally, Bosss Marine is committed to excellence and is dedicated to providing top-quality services. Because we recognise the critical role life rafts play in emergency situations, we deliver life-saving equipment that is ready to protect lives at sea.

 Regular Servicing Upholds Safety Standards

According to regulations, life rafts must undergo annual servicing to ensure they remain in optimal condition. Bosss Marine ensures all life rafts meet the necessary safety standards and are fully prepared to withstand emergency situations.

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Small life raft floating in ocean, essential marine safety equipment

Manufacturers Approval:

We are approved to service and repair life rafts from the following manufacturers: