Load Testing

LEEA accredited | Certified Development Member.

Load and Gangway Testing

Bosss have trained and certified engineers to inspect and test all Lifting and Rigging equipment – from shackles and slings, to wire falls and deck cranes. All inspections are carried out according to international standards and guidelines as set out by the various governing bodies. Detailed reports are issued, enabling our clients to plan for the replacement of equipment as and when needed.

A wide variety of load testing equipment is available for testing by our engineers as well as rental options to our clients. Our engineers are trained and certified on the use of Lifting Equipment and have extensive knowledge in Load Testing practices.

Tried and Tested

Bosss Marine provides an extensive range of test weights that can safely and reliably administer crane load test tasks, as well as a host of other structural load tests.  We have a proven track record of over 13 years in Lifting, Testing and Inspection with test weights.  This experience, coupled with our highly skilled team, ensures that we remain one of the leading Load Testing system providers in the world.

BOSSS Lifeboats and Lifesaving Services South Africa is certified by LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) and has been admitted as a Development Member; Certificate Number 4268.